The optical board is placed on the side of the magnetic chamber, close to the RIXS spetrometer.

Here below we describe the transport configuration of the Seed Laser for Users (SLU) at MAGNEDYN beamline. With the use of this set-up the 800 nm SLU pulses can both pump (see below for details) or probe the sample.


For simplicity the set-up is divided into 3 parts plus a "probe" board:

  • SLU-U ("up"): here the SLU enters the board and it's inter-locked by a safety shutter;
  • SLU-D ("delay"): composed by a delay stage, an auto-correlator for a pulse-to-pulse check of the pulses time-duration and a set of motorized optical elements to control the intensity and the polarization state of the SLU pulses.
  • SLU-F ("focus"): where the pulses are focussed on the sample and we record both the position and intensity.
  • SLU-P ("probe"): where the pulses, reflected or transmitted by the sample, are collected and both their intensity and polarization state is detected. Please note that this is a separate board.

SLU pump- FEL probe:

  • Spot size SLU: 200 - 400 um.
  • Pulse energy SLU: 30 nJ (= 1.5 uW @ 50 Hz) - 100 uJ.
  • Assuming spot size of 200 um, the energy density for SLU: 0.1 - 320 mJ/cm2.
  • SLU wavelength: 800 nm.
  • SLU polarization: any.
  • Spot size FEL: 5- 100 um.

SLU probe - FEL pump:

  • Spot size SLU: 20 - 200 um.
  • Pulse energy SLU: 0.3 - 3 nJ < 300 nJ.
  • Assuming spot size of 50 um, the energy density for SLU: 0.015 - 1 mJ/cm2.
  • SLU wavelength: 800 nm.
  • SLU polarization: linear or circular.
  • Spot size FEL: 50- 400 um.

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