George "Georgios" Kourousias is a computational mathematician (Erdős no.4) working in the Scientific Computing team (IT Group) of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste as a researcher since 2008.

He has been the Principal Investigator of 7 beamtimes in X-ray microscopy and has participated in more than 20.

His current research interests include X-ray microscopy, X-ray Florescence, CDI/Ptychography, Compressive Sensing, algorithms and Data Science topics including Neural Networks. He has more than 55 publications in international peer reviewed journals including a highly-referenced international patent in image compression.

George has participated in multiple EU projects including ExPaNDS, BrightnESS, CALIPSOplus, and PANdata. He has been involved in data management and policy issues. He also leads AI3, an Elettra project, where he supervises PhD students on topics related to imaging, data processing and Artificial Intelligence. George has been involved in University teaching and consultancy for the private sector. He has an academic interest in Technological singularity topics and Strong AI. He is in the founding and leadership team of the Trieste Chapter of Singularity University.

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