[ The Wolf (sticking his hand out) ]

"I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems."

The fact that you stumbled onto this page may mean that you're in trouble. Or, maybe, it was just destiny. Yep, a typo in the URL could do the same, I know...

Anyway, since you've been here for a while (if not, you won't read these few useless words ;-), I'd like to say something about me.

Here at Elettra I live in the Information Technology group. What am I doing here? Well, maybe you can help me find it as well!

I am to be blamed (or, at least, partly blamed) for several things, like name servers, (sincro-share, ssh, gimmeFTP, KNOT, the Elettra Acrobat Server, web and email. Also, three conferences (ICALEPCS'99, FEL2004 and EPAC2008) saw my presence...

My speciality? To solve problems, of course. Challenges make my life shine.

If you want more... jump on the links!

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