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Il centro transfrontaliero per lo studio di proteine per la ricerca e la diagnostica oncologica

Čezmejno center za študij proteinov za onkološko raziskavo in diagnostiko

The cross-border proteins centre for cancer, diagnostic and research

PROTEO is a project funded under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 by the European Regional Development Fund and national funds.

Biomedical and biotechnological research makes extensive use of recombinant proteins and antibodies, whose production is generally fragmented in isolated laboratories, and therefore is costly and inefficient. PROTEO aims to implement within the Elettra Laboratory a specialized center for efficient production of recombinant proteins, thanks to the sharing of expertise between Italian and Slovenian research institutes. The center will be validated by a number of projects focused on cancer research. On the long term, the center will be able to offer an innovative, highly-technological and wide-ranging support to institutions and industries located that need proteins for research and development in different fields such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental sciences, increasing thus productivity and competitiveness in the program-area. The synergy derived from this collaboration will result also in the creation of a training program that meets the needs of new professionals in biomedicine and biotechnology, with interdisciplinary skills. The project will have a total cost of € 994.735,33 and a term of 30 months.

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