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SR-based Raman and neutron radiography techniques for the investigation of nanostructured coatings on stone surface

Nano-sized TiO2 is widely used as photocatalysts for many applications in cultural heritage conservation. In this research, we focused our attention on nanostructured product composed by silica, polydimethylsiloxane and TiO2 nanoparticles. 

We explored the effect of variable amounts of nanoparticles on the features of coating, since this issue still has some unclear aspects. Two large facilities have been involved in this study, in order to obtain accurate results in a non-invasive way. On one side, middle-UV Raman spectroscopy measurements at IUVS beamline@Elettra (Trieste), by using UV synchrotron radiation (SR) source, revealed successful, with respect to conventional set-up, in order to quantify the amount of the anatase on the surface. 

On the other side, neutron radiography measurements at RAD Radiography Station@BNC (Budapest) permitted a sensitive monitoring of the water absorption dynamics on untreated and treated samples.

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Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 166, pp. 464-471 (2018).

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