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Pumping down the SPELEEM

Pumping down

Pumpdown is made through the fast entry lock, using the primary pump and the small turbo V70. At regime and during bake-out the main (MCH) and the prep chamber (PCH) are pumped using the big turbo in MCH. Here's the procedre to follow:

  1. Check that the fast entry lock and MCH-PCH valves are open; the MCH-MCH turbo VAT valve must be closed;

  2. Check that the V70 venting valve is closed. Then start the primary pump (the Vacuumbrand MV2 membrane pump labeled "AIRLOCK PRIMARY"); When the pirani gauge indicates 10 mbar, start the Varian V70 turbo pump. When the V-70 is in Normal operation, the controller indicates 75kHz, less than 15 W.

  3. Start the backing of the MCH turbo and, when this reaches full speed, the MCH turbo (Pefeiffer TMU 1601). Wait until the operation parameters are reached (660 Hz - 14 W).

  4. When the airlock pirani shows UR-4 (this means the pressure is less than 10-3 mbar) open to the MCH turbo.

  5. 10 minutes after the two turbos are in normal operation, the PCH and MCH ion gauges can be switched ON safely.

Leak check

When the MCH pressure is in the 10-7 range the QMS can be switched on and the leak-check performed. Run Programs/spectra/RGA3 on the data acquisition PC making sure RS232 connection is configured on gthe right COM port. Then switch on filament and multiplier. Good luck!

REMEMBER: The multiplier can be switched on only if the total pressure is less than 10-6 torr.

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