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Three-Dimensional Shapes of Spinning Helium Nanodroplets

The single-shot diffraction patterns of individual rotating helium nanodroplets up to large scattering angles have been measured by using intense extreme ultraviolet light pulses from the FERMI free-electron laser. B.Langbehn et al. Physical Review Letters, Vol. 121 - 25, pp. 255301 (2018)
In this paper we present a thorough quantitative three-dimensional characterization of the shapes of helium nanodroplets to capture the relationship between their shape and superfluidity. The combination of 3D sensitive scattering technique and a very large data set allows us to derive direct information on the droplet shape, such as all three axes a, b, c, and to follow the evolution of the droplets up to their stability limit. We find distinct asymmetric features in the wide-angle diffraction patterns that allow the unambiguous determination of the 3D shapes and the classification of the shapes by grouping them into five characteristic classes.
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Langbehn Bruno, Sander Katharina, Ovcharenko Yevheniy, Peltz Christian, Clark Andrew, Coreno Marcello, Cucini Riccardo, Drabbels Marcel, Finetti Paola, Di Fraia Michele, Giannessi Luca, Grazioli Cesare, Iablonskyi Denys, Laforge Aaron, Nishiyama Toshiyuki, Oliver Veronica, Piseri Paolo, Plekan Oksana, Ueda Kiyoshi, Zimmermann Julian, Prince Kevin Charles, Stienkemeier Frank, Callegari Carlo, Fennel Thomas, Rupp Daniela, Moeller Thomas
Physical Review Letters, Vol. 121 - 25, pp. 255301 (2018)
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.255301

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