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EU Support- General Rules

General Rules:

EU Funding, up to the maximun budget available, will be allocated according to the following criteria:
Priority will be given to:

  1. approved experiments according to scientific merit;

  2. approved experiments for which the EU financial support was declared "crucial";

  3. approved experiments whose proposers were never funded under the present contract

  4. approved experiments whose proposer comes from countries without synchrotron radiation facilities. 

If the budget allows it, also “non crucial” experiments can be given partial support . In order to know whether your proposal has been allocated support please check the box “eu support” in the proposal:

  • “Full support” = two funded reseachers per group
  • “Partial support” = one funded researcher per group
  • "Not supported” = no support allocated


Reimbursement Procedure: NEW REGULATIONS

Accommodation must be booked through Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste Travel Office. All requests for travel and accommodation must be sent usertravels@elettra.eu. 
The reimbursement will cover the costs of accommodation including breakfast. The remaining meals will not be covered.
The reimbursable period normally goes from one day before the experiment starting date to one day after the experiment ending date. If the experiment requires an exceptionally complex onsite preparation, longer periods may be considered.

If you come by plane, Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste Travel Office will book your flight directly. For this purpose, besides the Access Request we kindly ask you to provide:

  • preferred departure and return dates
  • preferred departure and return airports
  • a scanned copy of the ID you will use for travel
  • your mobile phone number for last minute communications

In case of travel by private car, the refund will be made on the basis of kilometers traveled according to Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste regulations (euro 0,16/Km), plus motorway tolls; please keep the original receipts and send them by insured mail.

Car rental must be done only through the Elettra Travel Office: usertravels@elettra.eu. The combination flight+rental car or train+rental car is supported upon request. Both private and rental car can only be allowed for two users traveling together. Partial supports (1 user) cannot benefit from the car refund.

Reservations and payment will be made directly by the Elettra Travel Office: usertravels@elettra.eu.

An Airport Shuttle is available in alternative to the rental car. Booking codes must be requested to the Elettra Users' Office: useroffice@elettra.eu.

Taxi expenses will not be reimbursed.

For all travel and accommodation requests, please use the following address:


Documents to submit to ELETTRA


BEFORE the experiment each participant must submit to the Elettra Users Office an Access Requestas “EU funded User” at least three weeks before the arrival to Elettra. The Request must be sent including all the necessary information (dates of stay, fiscal and bank data) and using the VUO procedure available at: https://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/pls/vuo/guest.startup

Since prices of tickets and hotels increase with time, failing to send a timely access request may prevent the group from getting support. For travel booking, complete your access request and then contact usertravels@elettra.euTickets and hotels booked directly by users without the approval of the travels office may not be reimbursed.

AFTER the experiment, only in the case of original receipts/invoices to be reimbursed, the refund requests must be submitted to the Elettra Users' Office. The requests must be presented using the Travel and Subsistence expenses Reimbursement Form (see below) attaching the originals of travel tickets and other receipts, to be sent at the following address:
Users' Office
Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.
Strada Statale 14, km 163,5 in Area Science Park
34149 Basovizza
Trieste, ITALY

Please note that the reimbursement claims must be sent within three months from the experiment ending date by ensured mail. Claims arriving after such date will not be processed. Payments will be sent via bank money transfer, normally within three months from reception of all documentation.


Elettra Users' Office: useroffice@elettra.eu.
Elettra Travel Office: usertravels@elettra.eu





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