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Our goal is to provide the closest experience possible to an on-site school,
with tutorials, practicals and one-to-one meetings

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is proud to host the HERCULES 2021 European School as partner facility, despite its online form. Following the successful experience of the past editions, 20 students will be virtually admitted to the laboratory and spend a week interacting closely with their teachers. The program includes lectures and practicals providing an in-depth learning on the techniques and the exciting science carried out at the synchrotron ring Elettra and the free electron laser FERMI.


HERCULES aims at delivering the highest level of training for students, postdoctoral researchers, and scientists using neutron and synchrotron radiation in varied disciplines, spanning from chemistry, physics and materials science to biology and geoscience. Lectures are given by world leading experts and are complemented by practicals and tutorials. Synchrotron and FEL methods and instrumentation are taught as main topics. Participants can also attend specialized sessions focusing on:

A. Physics and chemistry of condensed matter.
B. Biomolecular structure and dynamics.

HERCULES provides its attendees with the opportunity to visit also one of the following large European facilities outside Grenoble: the French National Laboratory of neutron scattering (LLB) and synchrotron SOLEIL in Paris-Saclay, Elettra and FERMI in Trieste, the Swiss Light Source (SLS) in Villigen, the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) and European XFEL in Hamburg.

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