Reaching Elettra from Basovizza

To arrive in due time for the lectures (beginning at 9am), we advise participants to take bus 39 at 8:38am or bus 51 at 8:40am (direction Trieste). The bus stop is located almost in front of the Center hotel, between the church and "Pasticceria Marc", in "via Igo Gruden" between house numbers 72 and 74. The ride to Elettra takes only 4 minutes. Don't miss these buses, as the following pass only after 9am! Alternatively, you can walk to Elettra, which takes slightly less than 20 minutes. The main walking itinerary can be found on Google maps. For your convenience, you can download the timetables of bus 39 and bus 51. You can buy the tickets at the newsagent in Basovizza, but not on board! More info on bus tickets can be found here.

Basovizza-Trieste by bus

Bus lines 39 and 51 connect the village of Basovizza to Trieste. To reach Basovizza, take the bus in Piazza della Libertà, the square facing the railway station. The bus stop is near the traffic light in front of the Unicredit bank, see the map on Google. Tickets can be found at the newspaper kiosk or at the automatic ticket machine in the main square, in front of the railway station main entrance. The ride to Basovizza takes about 20 to 25 minutes.

Reaching Basovizza by taxi

You can book one with the following companies:
Radio Taxi Trieste, tel: +39 040 307730.
Consorzio Taxisti Alabarda, tel: +39 040 390039.
Taxi Trieste Low Cost, tel: +39 328 351 1793.


Participants should not worry about booking their accommodation in Trieste, which has already been taken care by the local Organizers. Single rooms have already been reserved for all participants at the Center Hotel in Basovizza. Breakfast is included.

Frequently asked questions

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