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The PhotonMEADOW23 event will be held in Trieste from the 12th to the 14th of September 2023, at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). This event will merge two workshops: the "MEADOW - 10 years after" and the "PhotonDiag 2023":

Combining the two workshops, there will be the opportunity to focus on several topics such as:

Scope of the PhotonMEADOW event is to bring together the different, but often overlapping, communities devoted to the above-mentioned topics. The event also aims at providing young researchers and graduate students with a good introduction to this rapidly advancing fields.

The previous edition of MEADOW was held in Trieste (2013), while those of the PhotonDiag series were held in Germany (2010), Italy (2015), USA (2017), Germany (2018), and Switzerland (online - 2020)

As organizers of PhotonMEADOW, we are willing to ask your company whether you may be interested in sponsoring this event.

As a Sponsor, with a fee of 750€, you will:

Given availability - depending on the evolving preparation of the workshop schedule - a 10 min presentation slot might be granted to companies. If you (Sponsor) are interested to give a presentation, you are welcome to approach the organizers with such a request. Commercial contributions of course include informations on the products and capabilities of a company. However, any company presentation shall include also ideas and suggestions for scientific collaboration and opportunities for development of new products and processes in the spirit of closer collaboration between industry and scientific institutions in Europe, as supported by the European Union in networks and programs like LEAPS, FELs-of-Europe and HORIZON.

In order to help the organizers, we kindly ask you to register via Indico page (as one normal registrant) without paying the 250€-fee at the end of the registration procedure. The 750€-fee will be charged via a debit note afterwards. If more than one person from your company attends the event, only the participation of the first will be covered by the fee; the additional persons will have to register and pay as normal attendees. Please, send also an email to to inform the organizers about that.

Other initiatives can be arranged in accordance with the local organizing committee.

Should you have any questions and/or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

 photon.meadow [at]

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