EU Presidency Conference

The evolving landscape of Research Infrastructures in Europe

(Trieste, September 24-25)

The important role played by Research Infrastructures (RIs) as resource centers does not need to be underlined. Many revolutionary innovations and industrial developments have been driven by RIs, and have changed the overall world perspective. Research infrastructures are the “trading posts” where Research, Education and Industry exchange knowledge and experience.

The Conference will follow on discussions held at EU and National level, and in particular on the challenges posed in building an effective European system of Infrastructures, selecting the best and most required ones, operating them in the best excellence-based evaluation system and ensuring their longer term sustainability. These issues require that Europe develops synergies in the use of available resources, a correct fiscal and legal environment and develops the needed human resources, ensuring the appropriate employment and social security aspects.

The speakers will be high level managers and policy makers as well as representatives of Associations and Governmental Agencies, and the outcomes of the Workshop will be the basis for further actions and decisions at EU level.

The Conference will be followed in the afternoon of September 25th by the ESFRI Launch Event of the Roadmap – 2016.