Scientific Programme

ICALEPCS'99 will cover the field of controls of particle accelerators, detectors, telescopes, nuclear fusion devices, nuclear reactors, etc. Both hardware and software aspects of Experimental Physics control systems will be considered.

ICALEPCS'99 will concentrate on how controls can contribute to the overall success of an Experimental Physics project. With this objective in mind, different technology and engineering issues will be covered. State-of-art technology will be reviewed in terms of the possibilities it offers to deal with systems of increasing complexity within restricted budgets. Engineering aspects which are becoming increasingly more important in today's Experimental Physics controls scenario, such as requirements engineering and project management, will be considered. Emphasis will be on sharing experiences and techniques in these fields. Application of solutions from the industrial world will also be presented and discussed.

The Conference Scientific Programme will involve oral and poster sessions, workshops, seminars, tutorials and round-table discussions on specific subjects.

Abstracts are solicited for the following topics. The final organization in Sessions will depend on the material received.



Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"