Social Programme and Visits

Sunday 3 October 1999
> Welcome Cocktail - 19:30
A get-acquainted Welcome Cocktail will be offered to all participants on Sunday evening, 3 October. It will take place at the 'Stazione Marittima' starting from 19:30.

Monday 4 October 1999
new1.gif (933 bytes)> Symphonic Concert - 21:00 - 23:00
Participants are invited to the City Opera House, G. Verdi, for a musical evening.

Tuesday 5 October 1999
new1.gif (933 bytes)> ISAC Dinner - 20:30
A dinner is organized for members of the International Scientific Advisory Committee on Tuesday Evening, 5 October. Details will be given at the Conference.

Wednesday 6 October 1999
> Conference Banquet - 19:15

The Conference Banquet will take place on Wednesday evening, 6 October, at "Villa Manin", the largest and most beautiful Venetian villa in the region.

Thursday 7 October 1999
> Conference Tour to Venice - 8:00-19:30

A one day guided Conference Tour to Venice has been organized for registered participants on Thursday 7 October. The visit includes Piazza S. Marco, the Cathedral, Palazzo Ducale and a walk along the picturesque canals. A packed lunch will be provided. Details of meeting points will be given during registration. To facilitate the organisation of the tour, participants are kindly asked to register before the 3rd September.

Friday 8 October 1999
> Tour of the ELETTRA Laboratory - 15:30 - 17:30

A tour of ELETTRA, one of the brightest synchrotron light sources in the world, and its laboratories will be organised for all participants on Friday afternoon, 8 October. Requests for this tour will be collected during registration by Wednesday 6th October.

Should you wish to take advantage of some of the attractions offered by the Trieste region, an Accompanying Person Social Programme has been organised.

Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"