Production Plans for the Proceedings

Before the Conference

Authors are encouraged to send in both test documents or the final version so that it can be processed electronically ahead of the conference. Details of the testing and submission proceedures are given elsewhere in these pages.

At the Conference

The acceptance of contributions will be at least a two stage process: the inventory of files, forms and hard copy will be checked immediately. The postscript files will then be passed to the editorial team who will process them and check for problems. There will then be feedback to the authors to let them know if everything is OK.

If there are problems with a paper, the author will be invited to return to the Proceedings Office so that the problem can be discussed/resolved.

After the Conference

It will be the policy of the editorial team to inform authors about problems with their submissions. This is seen as a very important step in training authors (and editors) for future conferences.

If there are problems with graphics which are likely to be very time consuming to repair, the offending figure will be scanned and re-inserted in the source file of the paper as an EPS file.


Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"