Paper Submission via FTP - step 1 of 2

Attention: This form has been disabled after the conference:
If you need to submit a paper (e.g., for papers that needed corrections after the conference), please send it through ftp to, in the 'papers' folder, then notify the submission to Ivan Andrian.

Brief instructions:

  1. Send your files by FTP to the server, (see the separate instructions).
  2. Fill in the programme code of your paper send it, by clicking on the 'SEND' button (pressing the 'Enter' key does not run).
  3. Continue reading the instructions in the next page.

If your browser does not support forms, make a copy of the example submission sheet, prepare an E-mail containing the same information and send it to the ICALEPCS'99 editors.
Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure successful FTP submission.

Programme Code

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Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"