Education and working experience

Apr. 2008 – now Coordinator of Spectromicroscopy beamline at ELETTRA , Sincrotrone Trieste

Feb 2002 – Mar 2008 Beamline scientist at ESCA microscopy beam line of ELETTRA

October 24, 2001 Ph.D. on Condensed Matter Physics at RRC Kurchatov Institute on the subject “Photoemission microscopy of Metal/GaN interfaces”.

July 2000 - Dec 2001 Fellowship under the grant EW14, Sincrotrone, Trieste

Feb 1999 - June 2000 Fellowship “Formazione personale su linee di luce, stazioni sperimentali” Legge 212/92. Sincrotrone, Trieste

July 1998 - Sept 2001 Post graduate courses at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

June 1998 Diploma in Physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (summa cum laude)

Sept 1995-June 1998 Diploma research work “Optical investigations of fluorinated fullerenes” and specialization in the Department of Condenced Matter Physics of RRC Kurchatov Institute

Sept 1992-June 1998 Study at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology at the Department of General and Applied Physics

Professional experience

Angle resolved photoemission; photoemission microscopy (SPEM, LEEM, XPEEM); assistance in experiments of users working in different fields of surface and material science at Spectromicroscopy and Escamicroscopy beamlines of Elettra; user of Nanospectroscopy, Superesca beamlines at Elettra and high pressure XPS beamline at Bessy; Programming in LabView, LUA, IgorPro; electronic optics simulations.

Current research interests

Electronic phase separation, role of electron confinement effects on surface reactivity of self assembled metallic films, time resolved measurement techniques.


Russian - mother tongue; English - fluent; Italian - fluent

Publications and presentations

More than 60 articles (cited more than 800 times H=19) and 15 presentations with 7 invited talks

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