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Flavio Capotondi


09/2010 and 06-07/2009 : Visiting scientist at “FLASH” free electron laser facility DESY Hamburg.

11-12/2008 : Visiting scientist at “Laboratoire de Transport Electronique Quantique et Supraconductivité” CEA Grenoble.

2005 : PhD in Physics at Modena and Reggio Emilia University, Italy. Defending the thesis: “Structural and transport studies of InGaAs/InAlAs quantum wells”. Advisor: Prof. Lucia Sorba.

2002 – 2004 : PhD student at Modena and Reggio Emilia University.

Research activity: Structural and electronic transport properties in low dimensionality systems confined in InGaAs/InAlAs quantum well grown by molecular beam epitaxy on GaAs substrates.

2000 : Degree in Physics achieved at University of Trieste (Italy). Graduation thesis in geophysics; title “Extended seismic sources in laterally heterogeneous an-elastic media”. Advisors: Prof. G.F. Panza and Dr. F. Romanelli; final score: 110/110 cum laude.


01/2012 to date : First beamline scientist of the DiProI beamline.

04/2008 to 12/2011 : Beamline scientist at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste S.P.c.A. for the construction commissioning and development of the new experimental station for diffraction imaging and scattering experiments using the FERMI free electron laser.

05/2008 to 12/2009 : Occasional consultant for Schaefer South-East Europe s.r.l. Customer consultant for the installation, maintenance and defining measurement procedures for the characterization of hard materials used in automotive and decorative protective coating.

05/2007 to 04/2008 : Post-Doc associated researcher at TASC-INFM laboratory of Trieste, Italy. R&D activity for electrical characterizations of MBE grown GaAs nanowires, and nanolithographic defined quantum dot at cryogenic temperature.

01/2006 to 04/2007 : Post-Doc associated researcher at Modena and Reggio Emilia University. R&D activity for growth and characterizations of hard and ultra hard thin films by magnetron sputtering for mechanical application, such as dry lubricate automotive components, corrosion resistance, and dyes.

02/2005 to 12/2005 : collaboration with APE Research s.r.l. R&D activity for the development of scanning probe microscopes (AFM and STM).

04/2001 to 03/2002 : collaboration with TASC-INFM laboratory of Trieste, Italy. R&D activity for growth and characterization of thin films using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition.


  • Strong experience in design complex experimental apparatus aimed to perform time resolved experiments with FEL radiation. Designed, testing and installation of the vacuum chamber and internal mechanics, CCD detectors, diagnostics. Commissioning of the photons transport and IR laser beamlines, including re-focusing optics, photon flux characterization, and arrival time jitter characterization between FEL and IR pulses.
  • High level knowledge of diffraction imaging techniques and related reconstruction algorithm.
  • Full knowledge and practice on thin film deposition techniques both via chemical and physical phase deposition.
  • Experience in X-ray diffraction and reflection techniques applied to single crystal and policrystalline materials to determine physical properties such as composition, residual strain and film density.
  • High experience in V-III semiconductor processing by optical photolithograph, wet and dry chemical etching, applied to devices fabrication.
  • Familiarity in transport measurements in high magnetic field both at cryogenic and room temperature for mobility and carrier concentration determination in semiconductors. Excellent understanding of band-gap modelling of epitaxially-grown semiconductor heterostructures via self-consistent Poisson-Schrödinger calculation and their optimization using experimental data to improve the device performance. Basic knowledge of deep level transient spectroscopy technique to determine deep impurity defect inside the semiconductor.
  • Broad experience in using of atomic force microscope and scanning transmission microscope and in development of analytical methods and test for surface characterization of materials.
  • Basic knowledge of chemical characterization of material using X-ray radiation (synchrotron or conventional X-ray tube) such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Auger spectroscopy or fluorescence spectroscopy and x-ray microscopy.


  • Development of novel techniques to perform time resolved experiments with FEL radiation.
  • Coherent diffraction imaging, and scattering experiments aimed to determine the magnetization and electronic dynamics after an external laser exitation.
  • Four-wave-mixing processes based on 3rd order coherent non-linear light matter interations.


Author and co-author of more than 50 papers on peer-reviewed journals, 1 book chapter, over 10 invited talks and lectures at International Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, Universities and Research Centers. H-index - 14. The most recent publications appear at https://www.elettra.trieste.it/lightsources/fermi/fermi-beamlines/diproi/diproi-publications/all.html


Member of the SoftiMAX beamline scientific & technical advisory group of MAX IV. (Lund, Sweden)

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