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Franco Zanini

X-Ray Imaging Specialist

Degrees and Specializations

Solid State Physics - University of Trieste
Executive Data Science - Johns Hopkins University
Managing Innovation and Design Thinking - HEC Paris School of Management
Arts and Heritage Management - Bocconi SDA School of Management


Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.
S.S. 14 Km 163,5 in Area Science Park
34149 Basovizza-Trieste Italy
tel. +39 040 3758558
E-mail: zanini@elettra.eu
ORCID record

Working experience

1988 - Present
Senior Scientist, Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste
1987 - 1988
Research Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1985 - 1987
Scientist, Trieste Synchrotron Radiation Project, Instrumentation and User Subcommittee

Editorial activities

Editor-in-chief of West & East Monografie, University of Trieste.
Member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Physics.
Member of the editorial board of Universum Humanitarium, State University of Novosibirsk.
Member of the editorial board of Aquileia Nostra, Associazione Nazionale per Aquileia.
Member of topics board of Applied Sciences.

Selected Certifications

Innovation Management
On Strategy: Philosophy and Management - École Supérieure CentralSupélec Paris
Boosting Creativity for Innovation - HEC Paris School of Management
Strategic Management of Innovation - HEC Paris School of Management
Organizational Design and Management - HEC Paris School of Management
Design Thinking - HEC Paris School of Management

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development - Columbia University
Sustainable Agricultural Land Management - University of Florida
Sustainability of Food Systems - University of Minnesota
Life Cycle Environmental Assessment - Nothwestern University

Computer Science
R Programming - Johns Hopkins University
Interactive programming in Python - Rice University
Practical Machine Learning - Johns Hopkins University
Blockchain Foundation for Developers - IBM
IBM certifications


World Federation of Scientists
Società Italiana di Vulcanologia
Society of Archaeological Sciences
European Centre for Science, Arts and Culture

Teaching experience

2014 - Present
Adjunct Professor of Physics of Cultural Heritage - Scuola Interateneo di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici (Università di Trieste, Udine e Venezia Ca' Foscari)
2013 - 2014
Adjunct Professor of Applied Physics - Master Universitario di II livello "Servizi di Prototipazione e Ricerca per le Nuove Tecnologie e i Nuovi Materiali", Università della Calabria
2009 - 2010
Adjunct Professor of Physics of Cultural Heritage - Scuola Regionale di Conservazione e Restauro del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Villa Manin di Passariano)
2002 - 2008
Adjunct Professor of Archaeometry - Corso di Laurea in Scienze dei Beni Culturali, Università degli Studi di Trieste
2002 - 2005
Adjunct Professor of Archaeometry - Scuola di Specializzazione in Archeologia, Università degli Studi di Trieste
1987 - 2011
Coadvisor of Laurea degrees at the Universities of Trieste and Venezia Ca' Foscari

Lecturer at National and International schools

- Joint IAEA - Paris-Saclay Workshop on the Safe Analysis of Heritage Objects and Materials Using Novel Accelerator-based Analytical Techniques, Paris (2023).
- Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Archeologia, Università degli studi di Padova, Padova (2023).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Radiocarbon Dating for Heritage and Forensic Sciences, Trieste (2023).
- Corso di Laurea Magistrale in "Archeologia Medievale", Università degli studi di Udine, Udine (2023).
- SESAME-Türkiye Training Program for Applications of Synchrotron Light in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Studies, Istanbul University, Istanbul (2023).
- Corso di Laurea Magistrale in "Scientific strategies for the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage", Università di Venezia Ca’ Foscari (2022).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on Future Trends in Multidisciplinary Ion Beam Analysis, Trieste (2022).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA Training Workshop on Advanced X-ray Techniques for Characterization of Various Samples and Objects, Trieste (2021).
- Scuola di Specializzazione in Storia dell'Arte, Università di Udine (2021).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on Portable X-Ray Spectrometry Techniques for Characterization of Valuable Archaeological/Art Objects, Trieste (2019).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on Enhancing Accelerator-Based Analytical Techniques for Forensic Science, Trieste (2019).
- Scuola di Alta Formazione su Analisi sui materiali per l'archeologia e i beni culturali, Trento (2019).
- HERCULES European School on Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation, Trieste (2018).
- IX Seminario per Operatori Museali “Il restauro del libro e dei supporti cartacei”, Moscow (Russia).
- Scuola Nazionale Scienza e Beni Culturali, Università di Messina (2016).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Advances in X-Ray Instrumentation for Cultural Heritage Applications (2015).
- Scuola di Dottorato in Archeologia, Università di Trieste (2014).
- Seminario di Formazione INFN su "Prospettive nel campo dell'archeometria e della diagnostica sui beni culturali" (2013).
- Joint ICTP-TWAS Workshop on Portable X-ray Analytical Instruments for Cultural Heritage (2013).
- ICTP Advanced School on Synchrotron Techniques in Environmental Scientific Projects (2013).
- DIANET International School on on Interdisciplinary Methods for the Sustainable Development of the Danube Region (2013).
- Joint ICTP-IAEA School on Synchrotron Applications in Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sciences (2011).
- COST Training School in Wood Cultural Heritage conservation: advanced X-ray and optical techniques (2011).
- Scuola di Dottorato in Scienze degli Alimenti, Università di Udine (2008).
- Scuola di Dottorato in Scienze Agrarie e degli Alimenti, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (2008).
- ASEAN training course on the use of synchrotron radiation (2007).
- ICTP International School on Use of Synchrotron Radiation in Science and Technology (1991 - 2004).

Publications and talks

94 refereed papers
110 contributed talks and posters
150 invited talks and seminars

Programming and markup languages

Fortran, Python, R, SQL, HTML, Markup

Analytical tools and applications

Hyperledger, Plotly, Leaflet, Swirl, Knitr, Shiny

Other activities

Reviewer of research proposals for the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Dutch Research Council (since 2017).
Review and evaluation of the quality of research for the South Africa’s National Research Foundation (since 2015).
Reviewer of scientific proposals for beamtime request at Canadian Light Source (Saskatoon-Canada) (since 2012).
List of experts of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (since 2012).
List of experts of the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) (since 2008).
Member of the italian group UNINORM “Archaeological wood” (since 2006).
Member of the Managing Committee of the European Centre for Science, Arts and Culture (2018-2022).


Rovis Award for Applied Physics, for studies on synchrotron radiation microscopy techniques (1991).
Exxon Award for informatics applied to automotive technologies (1998).
Trieste Chamber of Commerce Award for the use of synchrotron radiation imaging in cultural heritage restoration and conservation (2006).

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