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Stefano Deiuri

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Novel ideas and schemes for seeding FELs have been proposed in recent years. These new techniques, demonstrating the vibrancy of the field, have been stimulating several experiments which are providing the first important results.

This is a timely occasion to examine experimental results obtained so far.

We offer the opportunity of this workshop to summarize and to provide a valuable foundation for future development of FEL based light sources.


We are pleased to inform you that after the formal end of the workshop, on Tuesday Dec. 11, 14.30-16:30, a visit to FERMI User Experimental hall and Control Room is planned.

The day after, Dec.12, from 9:00 to 12:30, at Hotel Adriatico, Denardo Hall, there will be a follow-up meeting to discuss possible FEL physics - Beam physics experiments, which can be implemented specifically on FERMI and where the future possible extensions of FERMI FEL beam lines will be analysed.

Luca Giannessi
Michela Bassanese (Elettra Users' Office)
Letizia Pierandrei (Elettra Users' Office)

Scientific committee
E. Allaria
M. Danailov
G. De Ninno
S. Di Mitri
L. Giannessi
G. Penco
M. Svandrlik
M. Trov˛