Project Management Office

The Project Management Office Activity supports the five Project Clusters in finding external resources for Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste projects and in managing funded projects in International framework. These deal with cutting-edge basic and applied scientific research in various fields ranging from physics, materials science and chemistry to medicine, biology and archaeology. In addition, projects dedicated to machine development tackle light sources, optical layouts, spectrometers and detectors design, new beamlines construction, instrumentation upgrade and so on.

Our service consists in:

Offering our knowledge and experience to the Project Clusters to develop effective work plans and management structures for project monitoring;

Helping Project Clusters to analyze and solve all the administrative, financial and technical issues during the whole project lifetime: from proposal submission through evaluation, negotiation, project implementation and monitoring;

Supporting researchers in preparing proposal submission - even acting as an interface with the project’s financing bodies and offering assistance to strengthen the partnerships with the other partners - and technical and/or scientific periodic reports;

Providing support also to partners of projects coordinated by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste through benchmarking and best practice sharing;

Working in close cooperation with the Industrial Liaison Office Activity for the management of project intellectual property issues and for an optimized exploitation of the project results.

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