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Mail Control

Vacation Message and/or Mail Redirect

When your Elettra mail account expires, it is automatically disabled for six months. After this period, if you don't renovate your contract, it is deleted. In any case during this period, all the messages sent to your @elettra.eu account are stored in our server, even if you can't access them directly. If you want to warn someone you are no more working at Elettra or you want to receive your messages during these six months, you can follow these instructions.
  • Before your account expiration date:
    • enter your email account via https://mail.elettra.trieste.it
    • Click the "Mail Control" link.
Now you have three possibilities:
  • Set a vacation message
  • Set a redirection for your messages
  • Set both actions above.

Set a Vacation Message

In this way, when someone writes to your Elettra mail old address, a vacation message is sent back to the sender. ATTENTION: in order to avoid spam messages, the vacation message is sent back to the sender ONLY the first time.
  1. Press "Clear Replied Addresses List" button
  2. Write your vacation message
  3. Press "Enable" button
  4. Press "Update" button

Set Mail Redirect

This function allows you to redirect all your incoming messages to another email address.
  1. Write one or more email addresses separated by commas
  2. Check the "Redirect All Mail to" check box
  3. Press the "Update" button
  • Check the "Keep a Copy" check box if you want to save all incoming messages in your Elettra account. This is useful if you foresee to have a new contract with us.
  • Check the "Do not Redirect Automatic Messages" check box if you don't want to receive emails from mailing lists.

VUO access after e-mail account expiration

When you finish your collaboration with Sincrotrone Trieste, your name.surname@elettra.eu e-mail account is disabled (see Vacation Message and/or Mail Redirect section). In order to continue to access your Virtual User Office (VUO) information you have to:
  • go to https://vuo.elettra.eu
  • Under "Lost password" section click on "here"
  • give an e-mail address where you can read the recovered data.
After a while, you will receive your original VUO UserID and password to the given e-mail address.

After that, modify your "Personal data" with the new e-mail address and your new Institution/Company. In this way, you could use your UserId or your new e-mail address to access to VUO system, always using the received password.
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