The Symposium DYPROSO (Dynamical Properties of Solids) has a long tradition starting from the early 60's when experimental and theoretical problems connected to Raman and infrared spectroscopy were discussed. Later on, other experimental techniques and theoretical analysis made their contribution and the community of participants increased rapidly and became truly international.

The aim of DYPROSO XXIX is to provide a selected, but nevertheless, broad scope. With a few lectures on one topic, the status of the understanding and the open problems are usually presented. Cross-fertilizing among experts is certainly one of the resulting benefits. Younger participants are then informed on hot and current topics in areas other than their specialty. This time DYPROSO XXIX will deal with the following "hot" topics:

During the last meeting in Kerkrade (NL), Trieste has been chosen to host DYPROSO XXIX. This choice has been motivated by the fact that Trieste can be considered as one of the most important research centres of Italy thanks to the presence of experimental (ELETTRA Synchrotron Light Laboratory) and theoretical (International Centre for Theoretical Physics - ICTP) research institutes.

From a tourist point of view, Trieste has an Old World fascination that has lingered since its days as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Viennese type coffeehouses are scattered throughout the city and Trieste's beautiful 19th century Opera House is one of the finest in Italy. Moreover the marvellous coast of Trieste offers splendid promenade by the sea where international regattas take place every year and where many people bathe in the summer.

We are now looking forward to receiving your extended abstract and your registration.

    Claudio Masciovecchio