Updated: 09.11.2005
November 10th
Session 1 - Two colour experiments at synchrotron radiation sources
(3 talks 30minutes + discussion 10 minutes)
M. Meyer
(Lixam, Orsay, France)
Pump-probe experiments on atoms and molecules
J. Schulz
(Max Lab, Lund, Sweden)
Electron spectroscopy on laser excited and polarized free atoms
T. Giessel
(MBI, Berlin, Germany)
Electronic structure of Si(100) at high excitation densities: A time-resolved photoemission study with laser and synchrotron radiation
Coffee break
Session 2 - Ultrafast laboratory sources
(3 talks 30minutes + discussion 10 minutes)

M. Nisoli
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
HHG generation
F. Lepine
(FOM/AMOLF, Amsterdam, Holland)
Characterization of fast pulses with velocity imaging techniques
R. Velotta
(UniversitÓ di Napoli, Italy)
HHG and aligned molecules
November 11th
Session 3 - Towards FEL's
(15' presentation of Fermi@Elettra + 3 talks 25 minutes + discussion 10 minutes)
F. Parmigiani
(Elettra & UniversitÓ di Trieste, Italy)
The FEL Project Fermi@Elettra
T. Möller
(TU Berlin, Germany)
Ionisation of clusters by intense soft X-ray pulses
J. Ullrich
(MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
Multi-ionisation of atoms with lab sources, synchrotron radiation and FEL
M. Drescher
(University of Hamburg, Germany)
Photoionization from synchrotron radiation to FELs
Coffee break
Session 4 - Pump-probe experiments with laboratory sources
(3 talks 25 minutes + discussion 10 minutes)

P. Rakitzis
(University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece)
Pulsed-laser production of spin-polarized atoms and molecules
R. J. Donovan
(University of Edinburgh, UK)
Pump-Probe Experiments with Ozone, Oxygen and Halogen Molecules
A.J. Orr-Ewing
(University of Bristol, UK)
Reaction dynamics studied by pump-probe experiments