Third Italian-Australian Workshop (IAW-3) on Future Directions in Spectroscopy and Imaging with Synchrotron Light

The third round of this series of biennial workshops will be held on Saturday the 14th of April 2007 at the Australian Synchrotron, Clayton, Melbourne, Australia.
The event is being held as a satellite workshop to the meeting:

“Physicists and Biologists Working Together FACILITATING X-RAY BIOPHOTONICS”

As in the past two rounds, speakers will outline recent research and discuss future developments in the rapidly growing field of synchrotron light.

This year's IAW workshop will focus on

“New Light Sources and New Applications”,

particularly the scientific opportunities offered by the Australian synchrotron which is nearing completion, and the Fermi Free Electron Laser under construction in Trieste Italy.

Participation is by invitation or application:
please address enquiries to

Workshop chairs,
Steve Wilkins , Robert Leckey , Kevin Prince, Maya Kiskinova