last update November 30, 2009, at 04:05 PM
by Stefano Deiuri

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The opportunity for the next-generation light sources to extend conventional radiation-matter interaction experiments into the femtosecond-attosecond time-domain is to unlock the gate for gauging the dynamics of non-equilibrium phenomena.

Among the impressive number of project-studies based on next-generation light sources, experiments designed to control the spin and the charge degrees of freedom in complex functional magnetic materials are especially challenging. Such experiments have the potential of revealing the fundamental mechanisms behind strongly correlated electronic processes, while laying the foundation for future generations of magnetic storage devices.

The major scientific goal is to understand the basic interactions among spin-charge and lattice by performing magnetic imaging experiments, magnetic manipulation, XMCD-XMLD and high energy/momentum and spin resolution photoelectron spectroscopy on the 10-15 - 10-10 s time scale.

The scope of this workshop is to bring together some of the top scientists in the field to focus on an in-depth understanding of the magnetic dynamic phenomena in condensed matter and design a new generation of ultrafast magnetic nano-devices.

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