last update May 24, 2011, at 08:30 PM

24th Tango collaboration meeting

Tango collaboration meeting are regularly held to discuss all Tango-related issues.
These meetings are organized and hosted by each participating institute in a Round Robin manner.

The 24th will be held at Elettra on may 26-27 2011.

All people interested in partecipanting to the meeting are invited to register.
A fee of 70 is requested to each partcipant.
You will find instruction for paying the fee in the registration page.

Registrations are now closed!

Do not forget to pay the meeting fee

Agenda and contributions

The agenda is available here.

Venue and travel

The meeting will take place at Elettra in the Seminar Room.
Please, refer to the Venue page for more informations about travelling to Elettra.