The ultimate aspiration of bio-scientists is to provide a comprehensive picture, over time and space, of the myriad of relationships between molecular structure, function and organization within bio-systems with increasing complexity level, ranging from single molecules to cells. Towards this aim, integrative approaches, which exploit state-of-the-art nano and sub-nano scale spatial resolution and unprecedented chemical sensitivity and selectivity, are required. The goal of this thematic workshop is to bring together biophysicists and biologists with scientists involved in the development of cutting-edge synchrotron-based and state-of-the art benchtop microscopies. The need for integrating the cluster of multidisciplinary synchrotron radiation based techniques with the newest laboratory approaches will be emphasized, focusing on their synergic interplay in the context of life-science.

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Scientific Committee
Chair: L. Vaccari (Elettra, Trieste, IT)
H. Amenitsch (TU Graz, AT)
L. Casalis (Elettra, Trieste, IT)
A. Gianoncelli (Elettra, Trieste, IT)
D. Lamba (IC-CNR, Trieste, IT)
S. Onesti (Elettra, Trieste, IT)
M. Polentarutti (Elettra, Trieste, IT)
P. Storici (Elettra, Trieste, IT)

Local Organizing Committee
L. Vaccari (Elettra, Trieste, IT)
D. Lamba (IC-CNR, Trieste, IT)