Poster Sessions

Poster sessions take place in the main hall, together with the industrial exhibition.

  • Poster boards are 1.10 m (43.3") wide and 1.30 m (51.2") high.
  • There are three Poster Sessions:
    ◊ Monday  14:00-17:45  MOPOS  Single Pass FELs, FEL Theory
    ◊ Tuesday  10:45-17:45  TUPOS  FEL Technology
    ◊ Thursday  10:45-17:45  THPOS  FEL Oscillators, FEL Experiments, New Concepts and Ideas, Users Workshop
  • Posters should be mounted before 14:00 on Monday and before 10:45 on Tuesday and Thursday. Posters should be dismounted after 17:45.
  • Presenting authors must be at their poster between 14:00 and 16:00.
  • Presenting authors for the Thursday poster session are encouraged to put the poster on display on Wednesday morning (posters are NOT taken away on Wednesday evening).