Instructions for Speakers

All speakers have received information on the duration of their presentation. This information can also be found in the detailed program overview in the book of abstracts.

  • Please respect the allocated time slots, taking into account that the period should ALSO be used to address questions:
    Time for Speaker Time for Questions
    ◊ 15 minutes presentation 12 minutes  3 minutes 
    ◊ 20 minutes presentation 16 minutes  4 minutes 
    ◊ 25 minutes presentation 21 minutes  4 minutes 
    ◊ 30 minutes presentation 25 minutes  5 minutes 
    ◊ 35 minutes presentation 30 minutes  5 minutes 
  • Speakers are requested to present themselves to the chair person of the session in the coffee break prior to the session.
  • Speakers with electronic presentations MUST upload their presentation at least 24 hours in advance of their presentation, in a similar way as the procedure for the upload of papers. Instructions for this procedure follow below. Use of private computers for oral presentations will NOT be possible.

Visual Aids for Speakers

Visual presentations can be made electronically using the projector equipment provided by the conference, or with transparencies. No slide projector will be available.

Electronic Presentations

  • Electronic presentations must be uploaded to the presentation server at least 24 hours in advance of the presentation, i.e., either prior or during the conference. The procedure is identical to the one for paper upload:
    • Logon to the presentation server and select "Manage Abstracts". On the following page, select "File Upload in the In the column "Function".
    • Files should be named according to the paper's program code or Paper ID, e.g., MOAIS05_talk.ppt for a PowerPoint presentation of contribution MOAIS05.
    • Specify "Transparencies" as File Type for upload.
    • Submissions with floppy, CD, or memory stick are NOT accepted.
  • Authors will be notified on the definition of their paper ID. Alternatively the code can be obtained by logging on to the presentation server.
  • Only PowerPoint, OpenOffice or PDF format can be accepted. Note that the computer system connected to the projector is running under Windows XP. Special precautions should be taken for .ppt files to beware of unusual fonts, and for .pdf files to be sure to include all fonts when preparing the .ps and .pdf files.
  • A speaker preparation office is located in the Vulcania-2 room to check presentations on the electronic platform provided by the conference center. Speakers are advised to check their presentation one day in advance. Please check with the Paper Acceptance Desk for availability. The opening hours are:
    ◊ Sunday August 2917:00 to 19:00
    ◊ Monday to Thursday8:00 to 18:00
    ◊ Friday September 38:00 to 12:30

Presentations with Transparencies

  • For presentations with transparencies, one overhead projector will be available.