Post-Deadline Abstract Submission and Modifications

The deadline for regular abstract submission has passed. Those who still wish to submit an abstract must contact the conference chairmen by email: Please read the abstract submission instructions carefully before submitting an abstract. Note that submitted abstracts will not be included into the book of abstracts. Instead they will be mentioned at the conference as "post-deadline submissions".

For submission, the abstracts must be sent in plain text format according to the abstract submission instructions. In the e-mail the following items need to be clearly specified:

  1. The reason for post deadline submission.
  2. Title of the abstract.
  3. Requested classification code (see guidelines).
  4. The name, e-mail address and mailing address of the corresponding author.
  5. The names, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses of all co-authors.
  6. The abstract text (less than 1200 characters).
  7. Footnotes (if any)
  8. Reference to a funding agency (if any).

Processing of post-deadline abstracts

The regular submitted abstracts have been reviewed by the International Program Committee. This process is now completed. For post-deadline submissions the program chairmen of the conference will evaluate the abstract to grand acceptance.