Scientific Computing & Software for Experiments

In line with mission and vision of Sincrotrone Trieste the  mission of the Scientific Computing team  is to support user, scientist, technologist and employee of the laboratory in their daily activities using the most advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Our vision is that we can accomplish our mission if we become a center of excellence in Information and Communication Technologies.

What we usually do and can do for you:
We maintain a set of core services spanning from beamline control and data acquisition systems to Grid and Cloud scientific computing and storage resources plus a set of web based services for e-Science and Scientific Business management.

Here is a list of our jobs:
Job Description
1) Beamline Controls Maintenance and Development of Beamline Controls and Beamline Access Controls Systems
2) Beamline Data Acquisition and Automation Maintenance and Development of  Beamline Data Acquisition and Automation Systems
3) Scientific Computing Application and Scientific Data Management Maintenance and Development of Scientific Computing Software (i..e. algorithms) and Solutions. Design and Development of suitable data formats and data curation solutions.
4) Scientific Computing Infrastructure Maintenance and Development of the Scientific Computing Infrastructure that is a set of computing systems, clusters, storage systems, networking equipment, videoconference and scientific visualisation systems to support the scientific computing requirements of the laboratory.
5) ICT Research and Development ICT Research and Development while participating in regional, national and international projects.
6) ICT Technology Transfer Maintenance and Development of Software to control instrumentation adn support the technology transfert activities of the laboratory. 
7) Business and Scientific Business Software Maintenance and Developement of Business Software to support the scientific business and the other operating systems of the laboratory.
8) Consultancy and Helpdesk Consultancy services and help desk to the users of the Scientific Computing Infrastructure and in general the many services developed and maintained by the Scientific Computing Team.


Even if our primary goal is to provide our services to the users, scientists, technologists and employees of our laboratory,

the same services can be offered to interested companies and institutes all around the world via the Industrial Liason Office

If you are interested and for any other further question please don't hesitate to contact us:
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