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Control Software


In brief

KolLEED is used for acquisition and saving of LEED patterns acquired by a CCD camera (EHD KamPro02) and digitalized using the framegrabber card (NI PCI-1407).

Further details

The software is written in LabView. Its controls are as following:

Browser card:

Pictures on row affects the thumbnails number.
Smart/Inverse/Color defines the image view.
Folder where the images will be loaded or saved.
Load folder with all its contains.
Save selected image into the folder.
Clear browser clears the list below.
Save with palette saves the images with the actual palette, otherwise in grayscale.
Analyze selected image allows some spot analysis.

Acquire card:

Snap acquires one single snapshot from the camera.
Grab/Stop starts/stops continuous acquisition.
Smart/Inverse/Color defines the image view.
1-10 selector affects the contrast.
Averaging averages the number of consecutive acquired imager over the Avg Length which reduces noise but slows down the view.
Get background acquires the actual images and subtracts it from all images acquired after that.
Clear background cancels the background subtraction.
Add To Browser saves the image into the browser; these images will appear in the list below as <untitled_> where they can be browsed, deleted or saved into files.

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