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Control of H2 Dissociative Ionization in the Nonlinear Regime Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Free-Electron Laser Pulses

An important step towards the understanding and control of photoinduced fragmentation processes in molecules has been achieved in an experiment on the Hmolecule taking advantage of the unique properties of the FERMI free-electron laser source in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photon energy range.
F. Holzmeier et al. Physical Review Letters 121, 103002 (2018)

In this work the sustained enhancement and control of the dissociative ionization (DI) / nondissociative ionization (NDI) ratio in the simplest of all molecules, H2 was demonstrated experimentally for the first time. This increase by about 2 orders of magnitude results in DI probabilities even larger than those for NDI at certain excitation energies, which is a remarkable finding for single photoionization of small molecules. Electron and ion velocity map imaging (VMI) allows for the identification of the DI and NDI mechanisms, and a comparison with ab initio calculations enlightens the dynamics at play within the 100-fs pulse duration.
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Holzmeier Fabian, Bello R Y, Herve Marius, Achner Alexander, Baumann Thomas, Meyer Michael, Finetti Paola, Di Fraia Michele, Gauthier David, Roussel Eleonore Lucie, Plekan Oksana, Richter Robert, Prince Kevin Charles, Callegari Carlo, Bachau H, Palacios A, Martin F, Dowek Danielle 
Physical Review Letters 121, 103002 (2018) 
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.103002

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