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Symmetry breakdown of electron emission in extreme ultraviolet photoionization of argon

The existence of unexpectedly strong asymmetric emission patterns of electrons from sequentially ionized argon atoms in the vicinity of the respective Cooper minimum has been experimentally demonstrated by using intense femtosecond XUV pulses from the FEL-1 of FERMI.
M. Ilchen et al. Nature Communications 9, 4659 (2018)
The ultraintense pulses from the FEL FERMI have been employed to investigate the sequential emission of electrons from atomic Ar in the neutral as well as the ionic ground state. A pronounced forward-backward symmetry breaking of the angularly resolved emission patterns with respect to the light propagation direction is experimentally observed and theoretically explained for the region of the Cooper minimum, where the asymmetry of electron emission is strongly enhanced. These findings aim to originate a better understanding of the fundamentals of photon momentum transfer in ionic matter.
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Ilchen Markus, Hartmann Gregor, Gryzlova Elena V, Achner Alexander, Allaria Enrico, Beckmann Andreas, Braune Markus, Buck Jens, Callegari Carlo, Coffee Ryan N, Cucini Riccardo, Danailov Miltcho B, De Fanis Alberto, Demidovich Alexander, Ferrari Eugenio, Finetti Paola, Glaser Leif, Knie Andre, Lindahl Anton O, Plekan Oksana, Mahne Nicola, Mazza Tommaso, Raimondi Lorenzo, Roussel Eleonore, Scholz Frank, Seltmann Joern, Shevchuk Ivan, Svetina Cristian, Walter Peter, Zangrando Marco, Viefhaus Jens, Grum-Grzhimailo Alexei, Meyer Michael 
Nature Communications 9, 4659 (2018) 
doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07152-7

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