How do you work?
We develop solutions for real problems steaming from the challenges of users, scientists,  technologists and other employees.
The solutions can be developed as part of our daily structural activity, in internal or externally founded or co-founded projects and can be used to solve real-life challenging problems.

What about your software licenses?
We have adopted the open-source business model. If possible we develop open-source software and use open-source solutions.

What about your schedule and priorities?
When you contact us for a request, depending on our specific skills and competences we assign it to a specific person or team. Depending on the schedule of this person or team we estimate the required time and let you know. If this fits your requirements than you have just to wait for the results. If not we need to rearrange priorities possibly scaling up the decision to higher levels of management.
You will receive anyhow an answer, a schedule and our development plan.
During the development you will be informed about deliverables and any change in the development plan.

What kind of software development methodology are you using?
We use agile software development methodologies like extreme programming
We use iterative development, brainstorming, testing and software repositories.
Technically, each software development project we use a combination of track and svn: the former is used as a project wiki site, to collect documents, discussions and to track bugs while the latter is used as the software repository to collect versions, branches and facilitate teamwork.

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