Here is a list of our products.
The Pore3D is a software library developed by the SYRMEP collaboration of the Elettra Synchrotron Light Laboratory in Trieste (Italy) and it consists of several state-of-the-art functions and procedures for performing filtering, segmentation and quantitative analysis of 3D images. Pore3D can be effectively applied to 3D images of X-ray computed microtomography (μ-CT).

Advanced software tools for the Bimorph Power Supply System
The Scientific Cmputing team has developer the firmware to control the bimorph power supply system and the accompanying advanced software tools. The OSPLUS Firmware is an improved and more powerful version of the basic firmware with the latest available developments in bimorph mirror control, integration and automation technology. A specific powerful feature of the OSPLUS is its additional capability to drive bimorph mirrors with three different settings of the hysteresis/creep compensation algorithm, thus allowing the beamline user to select the tradeoff between mirror settling time and high accuracy that best suits his needs. This feature can be of interest specially during the commissioning phase of the mirror, when it can allow for significant operational time saving if some compromise on the ultimate accuracy of the mirror shaping can be acceptable. Once the mirror has been roughly characterized, it is recommended to switch back to the high accuracy mode to fully exploit the very high repeatability, accuracy and resolution of the system constituted by your bimorph mirror and its dedicated bipolar HV power supply and control system. Another feature integrated in the OSPLUS firmware is an enhanced mirror driver algorithm that guarantees extremely smooth voltage changes and maximizes the stability of the optical characteristics of the mirror over time.
Virtual Unified Office and Open Virtual Unified Office
The VUO and the OpenVUO are scientific business management software handling proposals, their peer review process, users, related procedures like scheduling and customer relations. More and more functions have been added like project management and integration with the company legacy applications and ERP.

Instrument Element
The Instrument Element (IE) is an abstraction of an instrument, sensor, or group of instruments and sensors. The IE, now a set of WS-I compliant web services, virtualizes the concept of an instrument/sensor and presents this as a grid component that works well in concert with the EGEE gLite software. The IE can interface to the grid all the sources of scientific data, ranging from small sensors used in the field of environmental monitoring to large detectors used in experimental physics.

Virtual Control Room
The VCR is an open source grid portal based on GridSphere and Web 2.0 technologies. The VCR fully supports the gLite middleware and Instrument Elements. The portal can be easily installed and either used as it is or customized to implement specific Virtual Research Environments. A powerful scripting environment and an application manager allow simplified and transparent access to the infrastructure to users. Interactive application support and a powerful tunneling technique allow the integration of both gridified and un-gridified applications in a single environment. The native integration of collaboration tools (eLogbook, Skype, EVO, etc.) makes the VCR a unique collaboration platform. The VCR is suitable for any kind of scientific or business application and for the associated user communities.

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