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Fri 25 Feb, at 09:30 - Seminar Room T2

Zone plate transmission X-ray microscopy with keV X-rays at the ESRF

Burkhard Kaulich
ESRF, Grenoble

New developments in the fabrication of zone plates for keV X-rays together with the brilliance of modern X-ray synchrotron sources open new opportunities of X-ray microscopy and micro-spectroscopy in the keV range. A full-field imaging or transmission X-ray microscope (TXM) at the ID21 beamline of the ESRF using photon energies of 3-7 keV is motivated by its suitability for complementary imaging modes such as absorption and Zernike phase contrast for morphological studies, as well as the possibility of near edge absorption studies for element mapping and analysis of the chemical states of the sample. Use of the TXM configuration allows imaging with high spatial resolutions below 100nm and relatively short exposure times in the second and minute range which is of importance for radiation sensitive samples, three-dimensional imaging or energy scanning. In this seminar, the concept and optical scheme of this X-ray microscope are discussed and preliminary results presented.

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