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Tue 7 Dec, at 09:30 - Seminar Room T2

Photo-induced superconductivity

Daniele Fausti
Università di Trieste

This contribution will focus on the possibility of controlling the macroscopic properties of underdoped cuprates by infrared laser pulses. Due to the presence of a competing stripe order, the phase diagram of Lesco (La1.675Er0.2Sr0.125CuO) is characterized, for suboptimal doping levels, by a strong quenching of the superconductive temperature (Tc<4K). Our results show that, by means of selective excitation of the vibrational modes in the CuO planes, the charge ordered Lesco is brought within a few picoseconds into an unconventional highly conducting metastable phase not reachable under equilibrium conditions. The superconducting nature of the metastable phase is revealed by the presence of a Josephson Plasma Resonance, a fingerprint of superconductivity in layered compounds.
(Rif. F. Parmigiani)

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