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Mon 2 Mar, at 11:00 - Training Room

A surface science approach for the study of thin organic films on metal surfaces.

Giovanni Di Santo
INSTM (Firenze)

The assembly of molecular building blocks on crystalline surfaces into ordered nano-architectures is an interesting approach towards the creation of novel materials with outstanding properties. In this view the understanding of the molecule–substrate adsorption geometry together with the interaction between the first layer and the hosting clean surface is of fundamental importance for the design of hybrid systems with technological impact. The use of surface science techniques such as photoemission electron spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy enlighten on most of the unknown of those systems sorting out their electronic structure and the geometric arrangement. In this talk a typical surface science approach, involving also scanning probe microscopy techniques, will be unraveled with a few examples on organic-inorganic hybrids case studies. Moreover the ongoing construction of a multi-technique UHV experimental station, equipped with a variable temperature STM and ARPES apparatus, will be briefly described.

(Referer: E. Cantori)
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