COVID-19 New containment measures - EU digital COVID-19 Certificate (Green pass) to access Elettra

The Decree-Law no. 127 of 21 September 2021, provides that starting from 15 October 2021 to 31 December 2021 (the current expiration date of the state of emergency), in order to prevent further spread of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, anyone who carries out a work activity must possess, and produce upon request, an EU digital COVID-19 certificate (in Italy "Green pass"), for the purposes of accessing the premises where the aforementioned activity is carried out. This provision also applies to all subjects who carry out, for any reason, their work or training or volunteer activity in the workplace, even under external contracts. On the other hand, any subjects exempt from the vaccination campaign on the basis of a proper medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in the circular of the Ministry of Health must contact the at least two weeks prior your arrival. Anyone entering the Elettra campus is required to verify compliance with such requirements.

Starting from 15 October 2021 checks will be carried out on anyone entering the Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste site for any reason, irrespective of whether they access the premises on foot or by car or any other means. Additionally, random checks will be carried out within the premises.
At the entrance, the QR code certificate will be read both in the digital and in the paper format by the Elettra access control system.

All citizens who have been vaccinated with a recognized equivalent vaccine (see below), have tested negative with a swab, or recovered from COVID-19 and have a certificate released from their Health authority, may be able to prove it with a digital certificate called EU digital Covid Certificate (in Italy named: GREEN PASS).

- In Italy the swab tests have the following duration: 48 hours for the antigenic rapid test (may be taken in many pharmacies) and 72 hours for the PCR test (must be taken in specific clinics/laboratories).

Due to these new Government indications, the request for swabs at local pharmacies and laboratories is very high at the moment.
Therefore, if you plan to travel to Elettra, we strongly recommend to timely proceed with the following steps:
  • Send your Access Request via VUO largely in advance, and the same must be done by all the members of your groupif you are not able to meet the requirements for accessing the Elettra site, you must inform  and the Local contact as soon as possible in order to assess the feasibility of the measurements in sample mail-in modeIf the experiment cannot be carried out in sample mail-in, the beamtime will be canceled and the user invited to resubmit the proposal at the next call;
  • Check the validity of your vaccination for the purposes as above contacting your Health Authority and in the Italian Embassy in your country;
  • If you need a swab test to access Elettra and/or for your return journey, we advise you to book largely in advance, taking into account that the period of validity must match the duration of your stay within Elettra premises. Here is the list of all Trieste pharmacies that provide a swab service, the web site where you can book online and the istructions in English; for your convenience, we recommend those near the Elettra premises (Farmacia al Carso in Basovizza, Farmacia Cermelj, Opicina ) or downtown, near the Train Station (Farmacia Giustizia, Piazza Liberta'). 

NON EU Vaccinations

At the moment, the following vaccinations, administered by the competent foreign health authorities, are recognized as equivalent to the ones administered in the National Strategic Vaccination Plan for the prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 infection:

Vaccinations whose holder of the marketing authorization is the same as the European Union, i.e.:
- Comirnaty (Pfizer-BioNtech), Spikevax (Moderna), Vaxzevria (Astra Zeneca), Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
- Covishield (Serum Institute of India), produced with AstraZeneca license; 
- R-CoVI (R-Pharm), produced with AstraZeneca license; 
- Covid-19 vaccine-recombinant (Fiocruz), produced with AstraZeneca license. 

List with the names of the vaccine for each country

The above vaccine certificates, even if the correspondent QR code cannot be read by the Elettra access control system, can be recognised and accepted by the Security Staff if they contain the following information (please always contact  if you need any clarification).

- holder’s identification data (name, surname, date of birth)
- vaccination data (name and batch)
- identification data of the Health Authority that administered the vaccination
- vaccination date(s)
- identification data of the Authority that issued the certificate
The certification may be in paper or digital format, in one of the following languages. 
- Italian
- English
- French
- Spanish
- German
For any other language, the certification must be provided in a sworn translation.

WARNING: As regulations about this subject may rapidly change, before travelling always verify the above information with the Italian Embassy in your country and/or with your National Health Authority.

For any further clarification please contact

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