INSTRUCTIONS for entering Elettra Campus with EU Digital certificate starting from Oct. 15th, 2021

Starting from Friday Oct. 15th 2021, a new access modality will be operative at Elettra Campus to enter with your EU COVID-19 digital certificate (Green Pass). 
Here are two photos of the new reader at the entrance booth: Foto 1 - Foto 2
This reader is programmed to open the turnstiles, like a regular badge reader.
Please follow these instructions and watch the explanatory video:

1) Check in at the entrance; the Guard will check your VUO Access Request and documents and hand in a badge. We remind you to send your Access Request well in advance, in order to avoid any inconvenience and delay at the entrance!
2) put your badge on the white part of the reader (either side is fine);
3) you will then visualize a message telling you to put your Green Pass close to the reader; 
4) put your QR-code (the printed version is more easily readable by the machine) under the reader on the right side of the panel at a distance of 20 - 30 cm (if too close you might receive in an error message or invalid Green Pass: in this case please try again);
5) when you receive the confirmation, you will be allowed to enter.

We recommend to come to the campus in advance if you have a time commitment!

PLEASE NOTE: users with NON EU vaccinations that are recognized as equivalent to the ones administered in the National Strategic Vaccination Plan for the prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, can be recognised and accepted by the Security Staff at the Main Entrance, even if the correspondent QR code cannot be read by the Elettra access control system. However, if they exit the Facility for any circumstance (i.e. to go to the Elettra bar/canteen), they will always have to re-enter through the Main Entrance again (no other access route can be used).


Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 December 2021 13:03