2. Electrical connections
If you will use equipment that consumes more than 220/5A please contact "the office".

3. Telephone, fax & internet connection

Internet service can be provided; for further information, please contact "the office"

Telephone connection costs Lire 350,000 (calls will be charged separately)

Fax machine can be rent at the price of Lire 600,000 (calls will be charged separately)

4. Photocopiers, audiovisuals & computers

- Monitors (average) Lire 300,000 /5 days
- Slide projector Lire 200,000 /day
- Video projector Lire 900,000 /day
- Overhead projector Lire 160,000 /day
- Computers Lire 900,000 /5 days
- Photocopiers (small) Lire 1,150,000 /5 days
- Photocopiers (large) Lire 1,850,000 /5 days

For more information please feel free to contact "the office".

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Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"