Workshops, Seminars, Tutorials,
Round-Table Discussions

We also solicit subjects for workshops, seminars, tutorials and round-table discussions. Workshops and tutorials will be held before the Conference, i.e. Thursday 30th September - Friday 1st October '99. Seminars and round-tables will be held during the Conference period.

The next following list of subjects has been suggested but is by no means restrictive: other suggestions are welcome and should be directed to the ICALEPCS'99 Secretariat.


  • Software Sharing (SOSH)
  • Slow Controls for Particle Detectors


  • Controls in a non-Experimental Physics facility (e.g. chemical industry, ...)
  • Application of Intelligent Systems in industry


  • Software Engineering (e.g. Requirements Engineering, ...)
  • Java, Corba, COM/DCOM, Componentware...
  • Industrial systems (SCADA, OPC, PLC, ...)
  • Middleware (e.g. ASAP (Asynchronous Scalable Application Adapter for Multi-Processing))
  • Network Technology (ATM, GigaEthernet...)
  • System redundancy versus reliability


  • Industrial systems versus home-made ones
  • WINTEL (Windows & INTEL) versus the rest of the world 


Photo by Ugo Borsatti, Archivio Storico "Foto Omnia"