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Nanospectroscopy Publications


  1. Extrinsic screening of ferroelectric domains in Pb(Zr0.48Ti0.52)O3;
    I. Krug, N. Barrett, A. Petraru, A. Locatelli, T.O. Menteş, M.Á. Niño, K. Rahmanizadeh, G. Bihlmayer, C.M. Schneider;
    App. Phys. Lett., 97, 222903 1-3 (2010).
  2. Domain faceting in an in-plane magnetic reorientation transition;
    E. Vescovo, T.O. Menteş, J.T. Sadowski, J.M. Ablett, M.Á. Niño, and A. Locatelli;
    Phys. Rev. B, 82, 184405 (2010).
  3. Domain-Wall Depinning Assisted by Pure Spin Currents;
    D. Ilgaz, J. Nievendick, L. Heyne, D. Backes, J. Rhensius, T.A. Moore, M.Á. Niño, A. Locatelli, T.O. Menteş, A. V. Schmidsfeld, A. V. Bieren, S. Krzyk, L. J. Heyderman, and M. Kläui;
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 076601 (2010).
  4. Corrugation in Exfoliated Graphene: An Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Study;
    A. Locatelli, K. R. Knox, D. Cvetko, T.O. Menteş, M.Á. Niño, S. Wang, M. B. Yilmaz, P. Kim, R. M. Osgood Jr., and A. Morgante;
    ACS Nano, 4, 4879-4889 (2010).
  5. Domain wall velocity measurement in permalloy nanowires with X-ray magnetic circular dichroism imaging and single shot Kerr microscopy;
    T.A. Moore, M. Kläui, L. Heyne, P. Mohrke, D. Backes, J. Rhensius, U. Rüdiger, L.J. Heyderman, T.O. Menteş, M.Á. Niño, A. Locatelli, A. Potenza, H. Marchetto, S. Cavill, S.S. Dhesi;
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 322, 1347-1352 (2010).
  6. Surface Patterning of Silver using an Electron- or Photon-Assisted Oxidation Reaction;
    S. Gunther, S. Bocklein, R. Reichelt, J. Wintterlin, A. Barinov, T.O. Menteş, M.Á. Niño, A. Locatelli;
    Chem. Phys. Chem., 11, Issue 7, 1525-1532 (2010).
  7. Ge Growth on Partially and Entirely Ag Covered Si(111);
    Th. Schmidt, M. Speckmann, J. Falta, T.O. Mentes, M.Á. Nino and A. Locatelli;
    e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech. Vol. 8, p.221 (2010).
  8. Temperature dependence of surface stress across an order-disorder transition: p(1x2)O/W(110);
    N. Stojić, T.O. Menteş, N. Binggeli, M.Á. Niño, A. Locatelli, and E. Bauer;
    Phys. Rev. B 81, 115437 (2010).
  9. Oxidation of Supported PtRh Particles: Size and Morphology Effects;
    M. Dalmiglio, M. Amati, L. Gregoratti, T.O. Menteş, M.Á. Niño, L. Felisari and M. Kiskinova;
    J. Phys. Chem. C, Articles ASAP (As Soon As Publishable).
  10. Surface compositional profiles of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum rings;
    R. Magri, S. Heun, G. Biasiol, A. Locatelli, T.O. Mentes, and L. Sorba;
    AIP Conf. Proc., 1199, 3-4 (2010).
  11. Electron density decay length effect on surface reactivity;
    L. Aballe, A. Barinov, N. Stojić, N. Binggeli, T.O. Menteş, A. Locatelli, M. Kiskinova;
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 22, 015001 (2010).
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