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Exposing the sample with gases

Quadrupole mass spectrometer

The QMS is used for checking the residual gas composition, possible leaks and purity of the gases. The software Quadstar is described here.

  1. Check that the pressure is below 1×10-6 mbar.
  2. Connect the QMS power supply to electric network. Two green LEDs will light on the QMS electronics.
  3. Open the Quadstar Measure software:
  4. Switch on the Emission and multiplier (SEM) voltage in the Setup - SEM/Emission Control menu:
  5. Start the Analog scan - SCAC.SAP in the Scan menu:
  6. Adjust the parameters using Parameters - Setup and Parameters - Channel menu (mass range, intensity range):

  7. Observe the spectrum and save it using the File - Save cycle data into a .sac file if needed:
  8. Close the scan window.
  9. Switch off the Emission and multiplier (SEM) voltage in the Setup - SEM/Emission Control menu:
  10. Close Quadstar Measure.
  11. Disconnect the QMS power supply from electricity.

  12. If you saved the data into .sac file use the Quadstar Dispsav software to Open, display the data and Convert them to ASCII (.asc) files that can be imported into common spreadsheet software like Excel, Origin or Igor for further processing.

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