AntiHelix / Network

The AntiHelix consortium includes five renowned academic laboratories with a long-standing interest in the field of DNA helicases (CNR, UCPH, USFD, ELETTRA, SLU), with a wide range of technical and scientific expertises, ranging from cell biology to biochemistry to structural biology, and working on different but interconnected DNA helicases; one world leader in the field of single molecules biophysical studies of protein-DNA interaction (VU); one research group dedicated to clinical oncology studies (UKESSEN); three companies involved in various stages of drug discovery (LDC, EDELRIS, PPSC) and one company developing state-of-the-art instrumentation for biophysical studies (LUMICKS). This web of research groups and institutions will provide a thriving and innovative scientific environment that potentially offers unique opportunities to develop a strong research programme at the interface between different disciplines (cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology, biophysics, single molecule approaches, optics, medicinal chemistry, drug design, computational biology/chemistry, clinical oncology) with complementary experimental approaches and a strong emphasis on translation of scientific results.



Project Officers: Mattia Zilli and Giuliana Donini

Coordinator: Francesca Pisani

Deputy Coordinator: Ian Hickson

Training Coordinator: Ying Liu

Website Manager and Outreach Coordinator: Silvia Onesti

Supervisory Board

Voting members:

CNRFrancesca M. Pisani
ELETTRASilvia Onesti
UCPHYing Liu
VUGijs Wuite
USFDCyril Sanders
UKESSENIris Helfrich
LCDBert Klebl
EDELRISDidier Roche
LUMICKSMattijs de Groot
ESR Rep1Francesca Scommegna
ESR Rep2Mark Wever

Non-voting members:

WUSTLAlessandro Vindigni
SISSA MLSimona Cerrato
UVANAndrea Riccio
UGAJean Francois Poisson
UniTSEnzo Alessio
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