The unique properties of graphene, could place it at the base for an industrial revolution in diverse fields. To reach this goal the research on graphene should face new challenges for a real breakthrough in the technological development, providing scientists with advanced tools of investigation aimed at an in-depth understanding of graphene and other two-dimensional materials. In order to push further the graphene related activity and establish a crosslink between research and industry the European Community launched the Graphene Flagship, a coordinated research initiative of unprecedented scale. Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, the largest open access international laboratory in Italy, is at the forefront in the research on graphene, allowing scientists from all over the world, but in particular from the European countries, to take advantage of the uniqueness of the advanced experimental tools offered by synchrotron radiation, to study the fundamental properties of this material. The workshop will provide the last advancements of the research on graphene, emphasizing the aspects outlined in the graphene flagship. It intends to attract scientists from diverse fields to discuss on the recent exciting developments in graphene research and on the important information provided by synchrotron radiation in this field.

Sponsored by

Silvano Lizzit
Michela Bassanese (Elettra Users' Office)
Letizia Pierandrei (Elettra Users' Office)

Organizing Committee
Silvano Lizzit (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)
Alessandro Baraldi (University of Trieste, Physics Dept., Trieste)
Rosanna Larciprete (CNR-ISC, Roma)