We have reserved 60 rooms divided as indicated below between the Adriatico and the Galileo guesthouses - both located on the ICTP Campus. All rooms are available from 7-11 June. You may select your arrival and departure dates within the given period.

Adriatico Guest House

  • Sea View 15 rooms: 65€/night as single, 70€/night as double, breakfast not included.
  • Park View 15 single rooms: 45€/night, breakfast not included.

Galileo Guest House

  • 30 rooms: 50€/night as single, 60€/night as double, breakfast not included.

Room reservations can only be effected (first come-first serve) by the workshop organisers. Payment of accommodation will be made by you directly at the guesthouse.

We expect you book your room as SINGLE - please, inform us by email if you wish to book your room as DOUBLE.

Adriatico Guesthouse

Galileo Guesthouse

Guesthouses accept payments either in cash (Euro), by Pos or by Credit Card (Cartasi, Mastercard, American Express,Visa, BankAmericard).

The guesthouses and the Galileo Building are connected through a Shuttle service (free) running all-day long.
The Housing Office is located in the Enrico Fermi Building (campus map ):


List of hotels available in Trieste


Hotel Savoia
Riva del Mandracchio 4
(+39) 040-77941, www.starhotels.com, savoiaexcelsior.ts@starhotels.it

Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta
Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia 2
(+39) 040-7600011, www.duchi.eu, info@duchi.eu

Hotel Duchi vis a’ vis
Piazza dello Squero Vecchio 1
(+39) 040-7600011, www.hotelvisavis.net, info@hotelvisavis.net

Hotel Continentale
Via San Nicolò 25
(+39) 040-631717, www.continentalehotel.com, info@continentalehotel.com


Hotel James Joyce
Via dei Cavazzeni 7
(+39) 040-302065, www.hoteljamesjoyce.com, info@hoteljamesjoyce.com

Hotel Colombia
Via della Geppa 18
(+39) 040 369191, www.hotelcolombia.it,

Hotel Città di Parenzo
Via degli Artisti 8
(+39) 040-631133, www.hotelparenzo.com, info@hotelparenzo.com

Hotel Abbazia
Via della Geppa 20
(+39) 040 369464, www.hotelabbaziatrieste.it, info@hotelabbaziatrieste.it

Via Mazzini 3
(+39) 040-3481644, www.filoxenia.it, info@filoxenia.it


Nuovo Albergo Centro
Via Roma 13
(+39) 040-3478790, www.hotelcentrotrieste.it, info@hotelcentrotrieste.it

Hotel Porta Cavana
Via Felice Venezian 14
(+39) 040-301313, www.hotelportacavana.it, info@hotelportacavana.it

Hotel Capitelli
Via Trauner 1
(+39) 040-305947, www.hotelcapitelli.it


Palace Suite
Via San Nicolò 34-36
(+39) 040-367631, www.palacesuite.com, info@palacesuite.com

L’albero Nascosto
Via Felice Venezian 18
(+39) 040-300188, www.alberonascosto.it, info@alberonascosto.it

Residenza Roma
Via Ghega 7
(+39) 040-370040, www.hotelroma-trieste.it, info@trieste.travel

Residence Liberty
Via Diaz, 14
(+39) 040-300514 www.residenceliberty.it, info@residenceliberty.it

Residence Sara
Via Cavazzeni 5
(+39) 040-3220722, www.residencesara.com, info@residencesara.com

Residence del Mare
Via Madonna del Mare 4
(+39) 040-307346, www.residencedelmare.it, info@residencedelmare.it

Casa Trauner
Via delle Mura 26
(+39) 348-4229516, www.casatrauner.com, info@casatrauner.com


Advantage Accomodation
Via del Lazzaretto Vecchio 13
(+39) 040-308208, 3462418375, www.accomodationtrieste.it, info@accomodationtrieste.it

Ai Moretti
Piazza Venezia 1
(+39) 328-7692696,www.aimoretti.it, info@aimoretti.it

Via della Galleria 3
(+39) 347-0394312, www.bb-trieste.it, bedandbreakfasttrieste@gmail.com

"En Passant"
Via Felice Venezian 14
(+39)040-306763/333-2702866/338-9700045, www.enpassant.it, downtown@enpassant.it


Via Belpoggio 4
(+39) 340-6231891, www.svevoejoyce.it, svevo.joyce@libero.it


Semente Nova
Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII 7
(+39) 040-302612, www.ofpts.it, info@ofpts.org , info@ofpts.it