3rd National Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The molecular approach

Trieste, May 22-24, 2006
SISSA Conference Room, via Beirut 4, 34014 - Miramare, Trieste

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are cross-disciplinary areas involving materials and functional systems whose structures and components, due to their nanoscale size, exhibit unusual or enhanced properties. The processing and manipulation of materials on the nanoscale as well as the fabrication of devices with new sustainable approaches are crucial issues towards a technology based on “intelligent” materials. Nanotechnologies are foreseen to have a pervasive impact on industry, economy and many aspects of society, including our everyday life.

National Conferences on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are aimed at providing a Forum where the quickly growing community of scientists and researchers working on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology may effectively interact and exchange ideas, also in view of possible initiatives at international level. Each conference includes presentations of general interest in nanoscale science and nanotechnology, and will also focus on some chosen topics, bringing together researchers widely operating in such emerging fields. In the Third Conference, emphasis will be given to the material properties at the nanoscale and to methodologies characterised by the molecular approach. The new properties intrinsic to novel nanostructures have enabled breakthroughs in a multitude of technologically important areas, while the development and improvement of new instruments, techniques and approaches to fabricate and characterize nanoscale materials have fueled much of the enormous growth in nanoscale science and technology, not only by making nanoscale materials relatively easily available for scientific study and characterization, but also in some instances, opening the door for large scale industrial use. It is important to recognize that nanoscale science and technology is not a “stand alone” field of endeavor, but rather is more of a “generic” area that is expected to have a critical impact and overlap in many fields of science and technology.


Local Organizing Committee
S. Baroni (SISSA & Democtitos-INFM)
L. Casalis (Elettra)
A. Goldoni (Elettra)
M. Prato (Università di Trieste)
G. Rossi (TASC-INFM)
O. Sbaizero (Università di Trieste)
S. Scandolo (ICTP & Democtitos-INFM)
G. Scoles (SISSA, CBM & Elettra)
L. Sorba (TASC-INFM & Università di Modena)
C. Tuniz (ICTP)

Scientific Advisory Committee
P. Baglioni (Università di Firenze)
F. Beltram (Scuola Normale Superiore & INFM-Pisa)
F. Biscarini (CNR-Bologna)
R. Cingolani (INFM-Lecce)
D. Gatteschi (INSTM-Firenze)
G. Marletta (Università di Catania)
M. Meneghetti (Università di Padova)
E. Molinari (INFM-Modena)
M. A. Rampi (Università di Ferrara)
P. Samorì (CNR-Bologna)
G. Scoles (SISSA,CBM & Elettra-Trieste)
C. Taliani (CNR-Bologna)
U. Valbusa (Università di Genova)
C. Zannoni (Università di Bologna)

Secretary and contact

Ilde Weffort

Tel ++39 040 3758 522
Fax ++39 040 3758 565

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